Our Mission

Red Pod is a global sourcing company that helps customers to produce finished products
under a private label or in-house brand. Our sourcing business covers a wide range of
products, from soft goods to hard goods. Our global sourcing team was developed to
satisfy the demand for custom-made green manufacturing products. Our years of industry
experience, connections to vast, reliable manufacturing network and a dedicated creative
engineering team with the technical know-how, ensures that we are able to turn any
concept into reality. Our expertise allows us to deliver quality results within a timely manner
and at cost effective prices. Whether our customers are creating a new consumer product,
or simply adapting an existing one, we provide the complete global sourcing solution to
make it happen.

Our Service

We offer a complete end-to-end management of the entire process for delivering your
envisioned product. Throughout the creation process, we work with you, offering clear
expert advice for the materials, design and functionality of your product. We thrive on
originality and innovation, seeking the best options for making your product the best it can
be for its market.As part of the complete management process for our global sourcing
services, we offer PO Tracking system so you are able to monitor the progress of your
order. Our customers have the complete peace of mind to focus all their attention on their
customers, while we manage the product development. We will arrange delivery of your
order directly to you or the desired delivery location, within the allocated scheduled
completion date.